Strategic Energy Research and Capital, LLC
Announces the release of the second in a series of reports on the energy markets
Titled: West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Fundamental Analysis (Part 2)
West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Fundamental Analysis
Prepared by J. Michael (Mike) Bodell,
and in conjunction with Strategic Energy Research and Capital LLC.
Mr. Bodell previously spent 25 years at Unocal Corp. providing fundamental research, supporting trading activities and eventually assuming the role as Director of Strategic Planning and Market Analysis. Mr. Bodell retired from Unocal in 2004 and subsequently became a Director at Cambridge Energy Research Associates, Inc. (CERA) based in Houston, Texas. Presently Mr. Bodell is assisting in the development of a new line of energy research from Strategic Energy Research and Capital.
This report, the second in a series, will discuss how the market appears to be pricing crude oil and shed light on several dramatic, yet durable changes that have occurred in crude oil pricing since 2003. Mr Bodell will review in detail several important market pricing dynamics to include:
- Update 2008 WTI spot price fundamentals to support prevailing price levels as rational
- Review comparative US storage inventories and their significant correlation to spot price
- Analysis of WTI price fundamentals from 1998 to 2003 with a comparison to today's market
- Theory of storage and net demand for crude oil including the impact of seasonal change on price that creates a significant element to the variability in spot price
- The relationship of comparative storage on spot and future crude oil prices as it relates to Backwardation, Normal Backwardation and Contango futures markets
For a copy of the report please contact your Strategic Energy Research and Capital representative.
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