Strategic Energy Research and Capital, LLC
"An East Coast View — Money and Crude oil"
Reproduced copy of the text and slides for a Strategic Energy Research & Capital speech delivered by Mark Kellstrom at the Petroleum Listing Service (PLS) Conference in Houston, TX on October 15, 2008.
In Mark's speech to the Petroleum Listing Service (PLS), Mark focuses on several key factors affecting the Energy, Natural Resource and Precious Metals markets today including:
- How we got here: Money Supply, Inflation, the role of the U.S. Federal Reserve in managing our Fiat Monetary System which led to the current credit crisis
- Where we are going: Record new monetary liquidity has been added to the market
- Crude oil price formation: The relationship between Crude Oil prices and Finding and Development costs (as correlated with the Oil Service Cost Index) trumps all
- Is the market rational: Historical Yield Curve Analysis for Crude Oil and Natural Gas based on weekly comparative Storage inventories versus a five year averages (courtesy of Mike Bodell of Aperio Research and an in conjunction with Strategic Energy Research & Capital LLC.) may answer the question
- One more item to watch: Tightening Global supply and demand fundamentals for the Coal market can influence Crude oil and Natural gas going forward
- Crude oil direction: The Bear and the Bull case outlined here
- A look at the Capital Markets: Drastic changes in credit market conditions are influencing companies' trading, valuations, ability to raise capital but a few providers are still looking to deploy capital in the space
For a copy of Mark's speech please click on Market Reports and find it under our Special Reports section dated "Oct 15, 2008".
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