Strategic Energy Research and Capital, LLC
Invites our clients to join us in a conference call with:
J. Michael Bodell, Consultant to Strategic Energy Research
Independent Consultant Arthur Berman
Key Topics to Be Discussed Include:
- Natural Gas Comparative Storage Analysis
- Changing Production trends for Natural Gas
- Changing Demand trends for Natural Gas
- Fuel switching between Natural Gas and Coal
- Natural Gas price forecasts for 2009, 2010
- Shale Gas Fundamentals and Economics
Conference Details
Date: June 16, 2009
Time: 3pm - 4pm ET
Dial in Number: 800-704-9804
Pass Code: 63259345#
Mike Bodell
Mr. Bodell previously spent 25 years at Unocal Corp. providing fundamental research, supporting trading activities and eventually assuming the role as Director of Strategic Planning and Market Analysis. Mr. Bodell retired from Unocal in 2004 and subsequently became a Director at Cambridge Energy Research Associates, Inc. (CERA) based in Houston, Texas. Presently Mr. Bodell is assisting in the Development of a new line of Energy Research from Strategic Energy Research and Capital.
Arthur Berman
Arthur E. Berman is a geological consultant with thirty-one years of experience in petroleum exploration and production. He is specialist in prospect and play evaluation, reserve assessment risk evaluation, subsurface geological and geophysical interpretation, and database management. He is currently consulting for several independent and international oil companies including Vision Resources, LLC, Devon Energy Corporation, Total E&P USA, and PetroChina. Mr. Berman has published over 50 articles on geology, technology, and the petroleum industry during the past 10 years. Publication topics include petroleum exploration, oil and gas price trends and cycles, petroleum play evaluation, sequence stratigraphy, coastal subsidence, earthquakes, tsunamis, and petroleum geopolitics.
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